#OnlineEducation Project


The children at Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Nylstroom cannot continue with school work  unless we build and upgrade computer and internet facilities for remote education.

Schoolwork is sent digitally to parents for their children to keep up with the curriculum. At the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home in Nylstroom (AKK Nylstroom) with 170 resident children, this has become an impossible task for one residential parent with 12 or more children. Schools send assignments and tests that requires children to have access to computers at home to ensure the continuation of the academic year and support.

#OnlineEducation Project

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Over the past few weeks we have experienced various challenges and obstacles regarding the children’s schoolwork, since lockdown placed a premium on technology and the whole learning experience. The 170 children at the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Nylstroom will soon be returning to their respective schools, as some have since the 8 June.

Sometimes test are written in the receptionist’s office and sent back to the teachers. This meant a dramatic increase in the use of paper and printing ink for which they did not budget.

Although the children’s home has a computer center, the five available computers are no longer on standard and with very old operating systems. That complicates access to computers and information.

With this project, AKK Nylstroom wishes to make available study time for each child, as other children experience in their parents’ home. We strive towards furnishing our computer center with suitable equipment in order to address problems with learning and to modernize our facilities. Internet at all our homes will make access to information possible for our pupils who work late into the night.

Become someone for a child who has no one.