“When I look back on the past few months in which we have experienced various emotions, I am so grateful to our Creator for faithfully carrying and protecting us. I would like to thank every friend of the children’s home and member of the community for their contribution that enabled us to continue with the important task we were assigned,” says Gerda van der Merwe, CEO of AKK Nylstroom.

The Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom boasts an upgraded computer center after the Mike Loutfie Foundation, Bertus Keyser and Henley Air joined hands to upgrade the existing computer centre. This initiative now enables our children to meet the challenges of schoolwork.

Some are victims and others are survivors of circumstances. Yet other people write their own stories…

Sanet Basson, a matric pupil at the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Nylstroom chose to write her own story… 

Like most of our children at AKKN, Sanet has gone through more in her life of 17 years than most of us reading this newsletter now. On 13 August 2020, Sanet’s biggest obstacle became something of the past. A branchial cyst, causing a lot of discomfort and damaging her self-esteem, was removed at Groenkloof Hospital. We would like to thank JacarandaFM’s Good Morning Angels, Martin and Dianne, as well as Retha Ingenbleeck from the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge. The incredible team of Operation Healing Hands and Dr J Kluge contributed to cover the cost of the surgery.

On 7 September Sanet will begin with her record exam and is very excited about her future.

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Limpopo Agri and Agri SA, in collaboration with YARRA, joined hands and, for the second time since the outbreak of the Covid-19-pandemic, donated vegetables to the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom. We are very grateful for that.

André Pretorius of RSA Agents has been donating vegetables every two weeks, every month for the past 5 years, and we cannot thank him enough!