To obtain an annual report about the Children’s Home, you can phone the office or Marketer at 014-717 5264


Marlene de Villiers

Telephone: 082 365 3984



Marketing must be done on a daily basis to collect funds for the children to be able to purchase food, petrol and for the general care of the children. We must collect ± R5 million per year to accommodate all the needs of the children. Our statistics show that we only have R3, 61 per child for meat per day. We use 2400L milk per month and 35kg of sausages with one lunch. We use 25kg mince per meal or 40 chickens per meal and 45 dozen eggs per week. So you can see that it is an expensive expense to care for +- 170 children. Please consider getting get involved. We need all the help we can get!


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