#GiveHope Project


We house children who overcame adversity and are rewarded with great opportunities. Sadly, for financial reasons, some cannot take these opportunities.

Positive stories inspire us, more so when it is about a child who has overcome adversity. We protect and heal children where gender-based violence has left physical and emotional wounds. They work hard to heal these wounds and to focus on hope for the future. Some excel academically and need financial help to take opportunities for further studies. Today we need your support to help Sanet make her dream of going to university a reality. Your donation gives our children hope.

#GiveHope Project

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The Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Nylstroom gives hope to children. Sanet Basson is a matric pupil who excels academically. She will be going to university next year. All our children have a sad history of gender-based violence. We would like to give Sanet, and each of the 170 children in this home, the opportunity to develop into balanced adults functioning independently and embracing each opportunity that comes their way.

Become someone for a child who has no one.