Petition to stop violence against children.

Sign the petition below. We are in the front lines of receiving broken, hurt children.

With your help we can pressure President Cyril Ramaphosa to bring change. The SAPS has not updated statistics since 2012 and government’s criminal process system is a further traumatising factor to already traumatised children. Offences against children appear to increase despite President Ramaphosa’s disapproval of these crimes and despite government’s action plans for the prevention of these crimes.


Sign the petition to support us at parliament.
We are standing in the front line to receive broken children with a lot of hurt.
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The Abraham Kriel Children’s Home Nylstroom (the Children’s Home) therefore decided to launch a campaign called #ChildrensLivesMatter to raise awareness that could lead to legislation being firstly adjusted and secondly, that the process is disclosed from committing the offence to the conviction in court.

Die Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom (AKK Nylstroom) in Modimolle beplan om die Parlement te nader oor geweld teen vroue, maar spesifiek teen kinders. Die kinderhuis wil bewusmaking skep en met ‘n petisie die hoë vlakke van geweld en misdaad teenoor kinders uitlig. Die publiek kan parlementslede laat kennis neem van hoe die huidige stelsel kinders benadeel. Daarom vra die kinderhuis ‘n 100 000 handtekeninge van die publiek.

Gender-based violence, especially against women and specifically against children, is a problem in South Africa. The SAPS has not updated statistics. Available data has been shown up until 2012.

“We need to provide children with safety and support, but often it is already too late. We, and every adult, should be able to do more to prevent a child’s hurt and to build healthier relationships, family structures and communities,” says Gerda van der Merwe, Chief Executive Officer of the Children’s Home.

Abuse of children is a form of violence that occurs throughout South Africa and has a devastating effect on the well-being of children.
South Africa has excellent laws and a national action plan to prevent violence against children and to respond judicially to these crimes which clearly points to a political will. Laws and policies on their own, however, are not enough: without enforcement it is meaningless. This is where South Africa fails.

Become someone for a child who has no one.