#BackToSchool​ Project


They have exceled and with your help can achieve more.

#BackToSchool is a project that aims to support our children’s need to go back to school and those in tertiary education to fund their needs. We are proud to announce that our children excel academically and in sports. All three our matriculants have been accepted in tertiary institutions. Additionally, we have 170 school children who are in need of a school uniform and stationery for their optimal education. They will all need our support to help fund their expenses and through our bursary fund we will want to assist them.  Let’s give them the chance they deserve as a neglected or abused child to rise above their circumstances with the opportunities given to them. Add your support by filling in the form below and we will contact you.

#BackToSchool Project

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The AKK Nylstroom has started a campaign for their school-going children, #BackToSchool with a view to get the public involved by helping with children’s school needs. ʼn Small donation is requested here so that the children receive a solid education basis to exploit further study opportunities for themselves in the future.

The Children’s Home strives to ensure that children have an opportunity to reach their full potential if they can be supplied with the correct material, computers, internet and a study environment at their disposal and are supported by dedicated house parents.

The 170 children are placed in 12 houses at the Children’s Home. The children attend 8 different schools. Each school has its own prescribed uniform and stationery list.

The lockdown and associated loss of income by some of the Children’s Home regular donors and the broader community means that the ability of the AKK Nylstroom to meet the new year’s specific school needs of the children is limited.

The children get balanced meals on a daily basis, but they still need healthy immune systems to get them strong enough to fight Covid-19 and other viruses, especially with the reopening of the schools. According to experts, children with strong and healthy immune systems can naturally fight the virus and other pathogens in bacterial infections to stay healthy in challenging times as we are currently experiencing.

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