1.  General

The finances of the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home are being managed with absolute responsibility.  The Administrative Manager and the Executive Head work closely together and they report regularly to the Board of Directors.  The financial statements are annually submitted to the Board of Directors by the auditor.

Contact the Manager: Administration for any information relating finances.



You are welcome to make a direct payment in our bank account.  We will appreciate it if you could fax or email your contact details (postal address and telephone) to us so that we can thank you for your kindness. Email (finansies@akknyl.co.za ) or fax to 086 5707 639.

We will also submit an Article 18A receipt and you can attach it to your Tax Assessment in order to receive discount from SARS.  Your email address is very important.


You can also specify for what you would prefer we use the money for.


Name:  Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Maatskappy Nylstroom

Bank:  Absa

Branch code:  Modimolle  – 632005 (if electronic transfers)

Type:  Cheque

Account number:  1100 140 000




The Department of Social Development pays a monthly subsidy to the Children’s Home. The subsidy covers only 50% of the expenditures.


The budget for the 2016/2017 financial year is R10 280 000 and this means that the Children’s Home has to find 50% of this amount to meet the expenditures. This is an amount of R5140 000 we have to found somewhere!

The unit cost per child per month is R5 200 which covers all expenses.

For this we depend on:

Congregations, churches, businesses, individuals, inheritances etc.

We also have many projects in order to balance our budget.



If you ever have the desire to nominate this institution as beneficiary  in your testament, please remember to specify  the beneficiary as ABRAHAM KRIEL CHILDREN’S HOME NYLSTROOM.


We thank our Lord for people who in this way make a difference to our financial situation.




Did you know that you can subtract donations that you make to us from your income tax?

According to Article 18 A of the Income law, such a donation can be subtracted.  You must only receive an Article 18A receipt from us.  Please contact us and we will issue you with such a receipt.  Remember we need the amount that you donated, the date on which it has been done and your contact details.




The auditor of this company is:


P O Box 2384



Telephone: 014 7171042

Fax: 014 7175793

Email: andre@adfoudit.co.za


You are welcome to contact the Manager: Administration for any information relating finances.


Marlene Jonker

Tel:   014 7175264/5X 215

Cell:  082 962 0064 or 014 717 3409

Fax:  086 5707 639

Email: finansies@akknyl.co.za